Rockall-DB: What's it all about?

Just try to imagine what software development would be like if any type of data in main memory could be effortlessly, quickly and transactionally stored into a file.  Just try to imagine how things might be if memory management function calls like 'new' and 'delete' could be used to manage rows in a transactional database.  Just try to imagine a memory manager and a transactional database melted together almost seamlessly.  Well now it's no longer necessary to imagine it because 'Rockall-DB' has turned this dream into reality. 

Rockall-DB: Download the Manual?

If 'Rockall-DB' sounds like something that might be interesting then please feel free to download the 'Technical Manual' to investigate it a little further.  We would suggest starting with pages 6-11 to get a quick feel for the product.

Rockall-DB: Trial Use Version?

If a trial of 'Rockall-DB' sounds like something you might be interested in then you are welcome to download a copy of the free 'Trail Use Version'.


PS. We are looking for developers of all levels familiar with C++ and a few more experienced developers familiar with C# and Java (or other languages) to give us feedback on the latest version of the product.  If you have an interest in being part of this programme please contact us by e-mail using the 'Contact' page.